May 252017
GoE Panel at EFNW 2017

Hey everyone! Mercury here just letting you know that we were super excited to have seen everyone who attended our recent panel at EFNW 2017! For anyone who missed it, our panel was on the 13th of May. The wonderful crew at EFNW have provided us with a video of the panel so that no […]

May 252017
GoE Chapter 1 Teaser Trailer Released!

Are you excited? We sure are! for the release of our newest trailer, offering you a glimpse at Calamity, everyone’s favorite dispenser of wasteland justice!

May 142015

Gardens of Equestria is the newest in Stable-Tec’s Interactive Post-Apocalyptic Simulations. Please enjoy our interactive dossiers on just some of what you will experience while adventuring through the story of Gardens of Equestria. Picture: The desert city of New Pegasus. Two hundred years after the megaspells went off. A simple courier embarks on what should […]

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