Subject A Dossier:


HISTORY: According to field reports, the “Littlepip” is supposedly from Stable 2.* She wandered out into the wasteland seeking a friend(?) who left the Stable the day before.

THREAT ASSESSMENT: MEDIUM? – Witnesses report an attack upon a fortified raider compound that was a former town. Despite this, she came out mostly unscathed. We don’t know why or how she was able to defeat this group, as reports indicated there were at least a dozen raiders in this compound. Stable-dwellers rarely have any sort of combat experience…save for those unique military-oversight Stables.

KNOWN EQUIPMENT: Stable 2 Armored Barding and scoped .44 magnum revolver.

KNOWN SPECIAL TALENTS: Littlepip seems oddly skilled in lockpicking and terminal hacking. Intelligence reports she’s wandered into known hostile territory several times as well. She may be looking for something, though one of our field agents reported “Littlepip seems more curious than anything else.”

LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Last sighting of her was near Appleloosa Valley.

KNOWN ASSOCIATES: None. However, recon footage shows her conversing with what appears to be a Ministry of Morale Spritebot. This requires further investigation.

VOICE SAMPLE: Not Available

RECON FOOTAGE: Not Available

*We cannot find any records of this “Stable 2” in our Stable-Tec database. It should be noted that since the Incident, many databases and computer systems have been showing inconsistent data. Some refer to the company we know, “Stable-Tec” while others refer to a similar group called “Vault-Tec.” CIRCLE is currently looking into the situation and will apprise.

Subject B Dossier:

“Deadshot” Calamity

HISTORY: We have almost no information as to the origin of this individual. He wandered out of the desert at sunset into the town of Primm several days ago. He interacted with several inhabitants there, though our agents have not been able to extract useful intelligence from any of them. The only information we have is that he’s supposedly “waiting for someone.”

THREAT ASSESSMENT: HIGH – Calamity possesses a gift for medium to long-range engagements with his weapon of choice, a hunting rifle. The day after his arrival in Primm, recon footage shows him practicing with Sunset Sarsaparilla bottles at a range of sixty yards. He didn’t miss a single shot. This puts him on par with the New Pegasus Black Rangers

KNOWN EQUIPMENT: Worn leather armor, custom hunting rifle with expedited reload capability and black “Desperado”-style hat.

KNOWN SPECIAL TALENTS: It’s apparent that the Sheriff of Primm put Calamity up in the defunct Steve Bison hotel after his arrival. Even though he entered with nothing save for his armor and weapon, he left with an enormous amount of assorted items that he then sold to the townsfolk of Primm. Calamity seems to possess a unique gift for scavenging.

LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Primm. Since the Powder Ganger attack, he seems to have disappeared.

KNOWN ASSOCIATES: Sheriff of Primm? (Suspected KIA)

VOICE SAMPLE: Not Available

RECON FOOTAGE: Not Available

Close analysis of Calamity’s hat in recon footage reveals a small branding on the left side. The branding is that of a cloud with a thunderbolt. According to CIRCLE, this is a known symbol of Enclave exiles. Approach with extreme caution. If this individual was involved with the Enclave at one point he is likely even more dangerous than we anticipate.

Subject C Dossier:

Velvet Remedy

HISTORY: We suspect this is the individual Subject A “Littlepip” is searching for. Reports have been sketchy on her movements at best, but she is believed to be from “Stable 2” as well (see notes on Subject A for status of Stable 2).

THREAT ASSESSMENT: LOW – Velvet Remedy seems to have little experience in combat. From recon intelligence, she appears to be primarily a medic and a musical artist.

KNOWN EQUIPMENT: 10mm Pistol, Ministry of Peace Lab Coat with attached MoP medical kits.

KNOWN SPECIAL TALENTS: Extensive medical expertise. Gifted in the art of diplomacy and bartering. Has unique talent for singing and entertainment.

LAST KNOWN LOCATION: She was last seen entering Topaz Lake accompanied by a small band of Slavers. However, she seemed to be tending to both Slavers and Slaves in a medical capacity.

KNOWN ASSOCIATES: Her allegiance is currently unknown.

VOICE SAMPLE: Not Available

RECON FOOTAGE: Not Available

While all other subjects seem to have substantial combat talents, Velvet Remedy does not. It is uncertain why such an individual appears to be connected to the others.

Subject D Dossier:


HISTORY: We have intermittent reports of this “Steelhooves” individual going back over two hundred years. It is assumed that multiple individuals have taken up this name in order to carry out this man’s “work.” He has been seen in multiple locations around New Pegasus, areas currently under Legion control and even in NCR territory. Unlike other members of the Steel Rangers,** “Steelhooves” operates alone, usually investigating Super Mutant activity. He is also known to actively fight to protect innocents from attack from any type of enemy, making him remarkably different than known sects of the Steel Rangers in this vicinity.

THREAT ASSESSMENT: EXTREME – “Steelhooves” is an expert at explosive munitions of almost any kind. Recon intelligence has noted his ability to use everything from TNT to plasma grenades with devastating efficiency. He has been witnessed using miniguns, gatling lasers and missile launchers with precision attacks. Use extreme caution.

KNOWN EQUIPMENT: Unique Steel Ranger power armor complete with Ministry of Wartime Technology emblem, grenade machine gun, indeterminate number of grenades and mines.

KNOWN SPECIAL TALENTS: Explosives and heavy-weapons specialist. Likely former/current Black Ops agent. His armor is unique, making him nearly indestructible.

LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Approaching the Rock Farm over Citrine Lake. Warning: intelligence reports the area has been overrun by Super Mutants and an abnormally large number of sentry robots.


VOICE SAMPLE: Not Available

RECON FOOTAGE: Not Available

*”Steelhooves” is assumed to be a military designation and not his actual name. Perhaps a codename from a former SpecOps team?
**Database Inconsistent: We have numerous entries of the “Steel Rangers” in our databases. In fact, the NCR recently engaged the Steel Rangers in a power struggle over the Helios Power Plant a short time ago. However, some databases refer to these individuals as the “Brotherhood of Steel.” We had submitted a request for an inquisition on the matter to CIRCLE.

Subject E Dossier:

Xenith – Subject Lost

CRITICAL ALERT: CIRCLE has lost surveillance on this individual. All reports seem to indicate that she has departed the New Pegasus area. We do not know if this is due to the recent increase in slave exports by this new “Visionary” force or she left of her own accord.

HISTORY: Our information on this subject is extremely sketchy. She was a slave in Topaz Lake, apparently fighting for the entertainment of both Slavers and Slaves alike. Our agent at Topaz reports that she had been there for at least three years.

THREAT ASSESSMENT: HIGH – Subject is extremely skilled at unarmed combat, preferring a technique known as “Fallen Caesar’s Style.” She moves with nearly inhuman grace and efficiency. Under no circumstances should this subject be permitted to get within melee range.

KNOWN EQUIPMENT: Leather armor. No weapons. Unable to determine if this is because of her preferred fighting style or the Slavers rules.

KNOWN SPECIAL TALENTS: Smuggled recon footage shows the subject having uncanny stealth capabilities and a skill with some sort of medical brew that seems more akin to alchemy than normal medicine.



VOICE SAMPLE: Not Available

RECON FOOTAGE: Not Available

Reports on Subject’s appearance are extremely inconsistent. Recon intelligence reports that she may have been among those who just appeared yet we also have reports that she’s been at Topaz Lake for at least three years. Discrepancies have been noted and logged with CIRCLE.


Persons of Note due to Database Discrepancies:


This individual is currently operating out of a Stable located south of Jacobstown. She appears to be an assistant to the radio personality known as DJ-PON3. She has negotiated with NCR forces at McCarren for regular shipments of supplies in exchange for intelligence gathered throughout the New Pegasus area. Despite numerous attempts, however, she has refused to allow members of the NCR into the Stable Core, only permitting them access to the Auxiliary Support sector. However, HQ has deemed the intelligence gathered by DJ-PON3 to be nearly priceless, having already saved hundreds of lives in forewarning of Legion assaults, Super Mutant attacks and Raider gangs.

This arrangement has been ongoing since the NCR arrived in New Pegasus after the Battle of Hoofer Dam. However, many intelligence reports show no record of shipments, supplies, orders or anything else regarding Homage or DJ-PON3.