While the name sounds innocent, it is the only thing innocent about this place.

Built in a dried lakebed in the shadow of the immense Rock Farm Western Complex, a new group of Slavers have made this location their primary outpost despite a failed scouting mission several weeks ago. These individuals who call themselves "Visionaries," wear a white eye on a field of red. Each of them are extremely well-armed, making Topaz Lake more of a military installation than a slaver camp.

Yet that seems to be their primary purpose. From all across the desert, these Visionaries have been capturing both individuals and groups. No one knows what happens to these slaves once they reach Topaz Lake. It seems as if they just disappear into thin air. 

Run by the reclusive creature known only as Gemstone, those who work out of Topaz Lake seem more afraid of him than their enemies. 

Anyone traveling in Appleloosa Valley is strongly advised to avoid the entire western side of the Valley, especially beyond the Ruby Lake Bridge.