The Primm Basement


Once of the biggest mining operations in the Mojave, what is now known as the Primm Basement is a shadow of its former self. Now, over half of the expansive complex has collapsed under the weight of time. Many of the mineshafts that crisscross through the earth originated within depths of the lowest level of the Basement, the infamous Ironshoe Mine. The only truly intact areas remain the primary ore processing plant and a series of operations and utility offices that lead to a small structure outside of Primm.

Though the dust of two centuries, new footsteps now echo in the ruined corridors. Mysterious figures, each bearing the symbol of a white eye on a red field, have been seen lurking around the Primm exit of the Basement. Almost as if they were waiting for something…

That something happened only a short time ago. When the Powder Gangers struck Primm, murdering the Sheriff and forcing the surviving residents into the shelter of the Vicki & Vance, these strange figures struck with perfect precision, quickly abducting several of the townspeople of Primm.

The residents of Primm have written these people off, as they’re already trapped within the old casino.

But a stranger who wandered out of the desert last night isn’t taking so kindly to the events…

  • Primm Basement - Path to the Mine
  • Primm Basement - Ore Processing 1
  • Primm Basement - Ore Processing 2
  • Primm Basement - Forgotten Tunnels
  • Ironshoe Mine - Main Cavern
  • Primm Basement - Utility Bay 1
  • Ironshoe Mine - Main Cave 2
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