Designed specifically as a refuge for those lived and worked at the Rock Farm, Stable 16 was one of several Control Stables. No social experiments were performed there and those who took shelter there lived long and happy lives for generations. Stable 16 was originally outfitted with advanced research equipment designed for dealing with the very real potential need for genetic modifications to survive on the surface of a post-apocalyptic world. However, their first Overmare quickly made the decision to allow those who now dwelled within to choose their own projects. As those with extensive genetic expertise were not present when the bombs began to fall, this equipment was moved into storage and mostly forgotten.

Stable 16 became the origin point of several communities within Appleloosa Valley and the desert beyond. Most of those who now live in New Appleloosa are the direct descendants of the inhabitants of Stable 16. However, a large section of the population decided to journey further on, leaving only a few cryptic terminal messages in their wake. 

In the wake of their departure, the Stable lay silent for a time. Then, several years ago, a strange floating object was seen heading toward the Stable 16. Since then, anyone who attempted to journey into the rusted ruins of Stable 16 has never been seen again.

No one knows what lurks in the depths of Stable 16...but they know that things are starting to creep out of it...