The only bastion of civilization within Appleloosa Valley, New Appleloosa was started by the dwellers of Stable 16. Since then, despite it's remote location, it's become a hub of trade and commerce beyond the boundaries of the New Pegasus desert. 

Built in the defunct central trainyard that used to service the entire Valley, the population of New Appleloosa have gone to great lengths to restore as much as the rail system as they can. They even have managed to successfully rebuild several trains as well, allowing the quick transportation between various locations in Appleloosa Valley.

Despite the dangers posed by Topaz Lake and The Overlook, New Appleloosa has continued to thrive even as the rest of the desert is poised at the brink of all-out war. Sheltered from the conflicts surrounding New Pegasus, numerous individuals have sought out this place as a refuge from the mayhem threatening to devour the world outside of Appleloosa Valley. 

The town has numerous highlights. First of course, is the fact that the celebrated author of the "Wasteland Survival Guide," Ditzy Doo, makes her home here with her recently adopted daughter, Silver Belle. Candi's Clinic is an excellent source of medical care--with the added bonus of getting most patients at least a little drunk in the process. The town mayor, Railright, has been known to place bounties out for particularly troublesome creatures or new raiders who wander near the town looking for easy prey. 

Despite all of this, there are rumors and questions that lurk in the shadows of New Appleloosa. First and foremost being why has Topaz Lake allowed them to continue trade operations when they could easily overpower the town's meager defenses? 

But a bigger question is who is behind the attack at the nearby Overlook...a small female spotted stumbling toward the primary caravan route...