Located somewhere within the desert around New Pegasus, the Gateway Research Facility is one of the greatest secrets of the Ministry of Arcane Sciences. Created using the most advanced arcano-tech construction techniques available, it is unlike anything else in the sprawling desert. 

Only spoken of in whispers and hushed tones, rumors abound as to why the facility was created in the first place. Theories range from everything to studying star-based technology and advanced teleportation research. 

There are only a few things that are known for certain about the GRF. 

First, several weeks before the end of the war, there were a series of strange lights in the sky around New Pegasus, originating somewhere to the east of the city. 

Second, during this time, all sorts of strange occurrences were reported, including individuals vanishing in once place only to return hours later in another with no memory as to what happened, strange objects falling from the sky and rumbles in the earth.

Third, all of this activity abruptly stopped three days later, shortly after a series of MAS vehicles were seen heading east into the desert. 

What the locals didn't know was that the MAS found something buried underneath the Mojave. Something that would change everything. The secret within the Gateway Research Facility staggered the minds at the MAS in their potential implications...and potential applications. But none of this came to fruition. No one knows what happened to staff of the GRF after the bombs fell. Rumors are plenty, but answers are few. 

But the thing that still beats in the heart of the GRF is now awake.

A secret that's been waiting over two hundred years to be revealed.

A secret that in the wrong hands, could mean destruction for us all.

A secret that if left alone...will mean the destruction of us all.