The home of Ministry of Wartime Technology Installation 043--The Rock Farm--Appleloosa Valley was naturally suited to hosting this secret military complex. Massive train yards and underground transit stations are scattered throughout the south entrance of the Valley, linked to the rest of the desert by a series of underground railways and collapsed vehicle routes. 

With its close proximity to New Pegasus, Appleloosa Valley was spared from any direct hits from the megaspells through the mysterious weapons arrays from the tallest spire of New Pegasus and its own formidable defense network. As such, the Valley is free from the craters, taint and radiation that plagues much of the countryside. 

Despite this--or perhaps because of it--Appleloosa Valley has become home to numerous threats that could spell certain death or worse for the hapless explorer. The Overlook Raiders watch over the Valley entrance, flanked by the ruined MWT Transit Hub to the west. Beyond that lays the beautiful expanse of Ruby Lake, a pristine source of fresh water fed from safe, underground aquifers...only to lead directly into Topaz Lake, an infamous slaver town in the shadow of the Rock Farm's western complex.

To the northeast through a series of deep canyons lies the friendly town of New Appleloosa, the only bastion of civilization in this forgotten wilderness. 

To the southeast lay the ruins of Stable 16 burrowed into a repurposed limestone quarry. 

But most imposing of all is the immense sprawling complex of Installation 043 in the south. For two hundred years, the Rock Farm has jealously guarded its secrets. Anyone foolish enough to try to get in has never returned. Everyone knows to stay the hell away from that accursed place.