The Manehattan Project Staff & Credits


Development Team:

  • Executive Producer, Lead Designer & Creative Director: Novel Idea
  • Executive Producer & Technical Director: Red Kat
  • Audio Director: Crow Wing
  • Vocal Director: Polyphonic
  • Musical Director: Corvus
  • Lead Texture Artist: Herpest of the Derp

Mane Cast:

  • Littlepip: Cosmic Rocket
  • Velvet Remedy/Stable-Tec: Polyphonic
  • Calamity: J Bradshaw
  • Steelhooves: Granite Hooves
  • Xenith: Cosmic Rocket

Supporting Cast:

  • Homage: Heliotrope
  • DJ-PON3: Corvus Productions
  • Colonel Vanquish: TBD
  • Major Squall: TBD
  • Redeye: TBD
  • Noose: TBD
  • Butcher: TBD
  • Mr. Topaz: TBD
  • Novel Idea as himself

Website Design:

  • Novel Idea

Fallout: Equestria “The Manehattan Edition” Audiobook Project

  • Original StoryKkat
  • Original Narration – Crazed Rambling (YouTubePatreon)
  • Original Remastered Edition – Sonic Radboom
  • Chapter Titles, Quotes and Footnotes – Novel Idea
  • Manehattan Edition Audio Remastering Redux – Novel Idea
  • Compilation – Novel Idea using Audiobook Builder

Integrated Mods:

Art and Sound Credits:



Art to GECK Texture Conversion:

  • Novel Idea
  • Herpest of the Derp

Artistic Contributions:

Modding Thanks:

Special Thanks:

  • Kkat – Fallout: Equestria. Need I say more?
  • Dan Shive – For creating the original art piece that inspired Fallout: Equestria.
  • Lauren Faust – For recreating MLP into something truly epic.
  • Hasbro – For letting Lauren Faust turn MLP into something truly epic.
  • Bethesda – For not only creating some of the most immersive and expansive RPG games in the last several years, but also giving us the tools to do pretty much whatever the heck we want.
  • Bronies – You’re the reason for our new Pony overlords.
  • The fans of Fallout: Equestria – You are what created a subculture out of a subculture, creating something almost unheard-of in fandom communities. Well done.
  • You Specifically – For actually getting this far in the credits. ^^

Trademarks and Legal:

  • Fallout: New Vegas – Copyright 2010 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. Developed in association with Obsidian Entertainment Inc. Obsidian and related logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Obsidian Entertainment Inc.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Copyright Hasbro
  • This game mod for Fallout: New Vegas is purely fan-made and is completely nonprofit. Hasbro and Bethesda are the complete and total copyright holders of their respective properties.