Music & Audio Contributions

DJ-PON3 Radio Station Songs

Art & Texture Contributions

Modding & Development Thanks

  • Galahaut - Bobblehunt Mod
  • Caprius - "Advanced Companion Creation Guide"
  • RoyBatterian - Roy has been instrumental in the creation of GoE. This individual has helped us in everything from troubleshooting the GECK"s strange behavior on modern systems to figuring out music for cells. During the final weeks leading to launch, he personally merged together the file structure for the GoE Masters and helped us develop a method of using MP3 files instead of gigantic WAV files for our radio station. GoE would not have happened without him. 
  • RickerHK - Constantly answering endless questions on the NexusMod Authors Forums. We can’t even count how many things he helped us with.
  • TrickyVein - When Novel Idea made a mistake in the original creation of Appleloosa Valley, there appeared a time when the entire worldspace would have to be rebuilt from scratch. Through the patience, brilliance and diligence of this single individual, hundreds of hours of work were saved. Novel cannot express his gratitude to Tricky for single-handedly saving Appleloosa Valley.
  • Zaldir - One of the tireless mods of the NexusMods Forums, thank you for your instrumental help during the release of Smuggler’s Run.
  • Members of the NexusMods Forums, Mod Authors Forums & Mod Authors Discord Chat - Without the help of dozens of generous and wise people, this never could have happened. Thank you for each one of you who answered our endless questions. 

Special Thanks

  • Kkat - Fallout: Equestria. Need I say more?
  • Dan Shive - For creating the original art piece that inspired Fallout: Equestria.
  • Lauren Faust - For recreating MLP into something truly epic.
  • Hasbro - For letting Lauren Faust turn MLP into something truly epic.
  • Bethesda - For not only creating some of the most immersive and expansive RPG games in the last several years, but also giving us the tools to do pretty much whatever the heck we want.
  • The Brony Fandom - You're the reason for our new Pony overlords.
  • The Fans of Fallout: Equestria - You are what created a subculture out of a subculture, creating something almost unheard-of in fandom communities. Well done.
  • You Specifically - For actually getting this far in the credits. ^^

Trademark & Legal

  • Fallout: New Vegas - Copyright 2010 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. Developed in association with Obsidian Entertainment Inc. Obsidian and related logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Obsidian Entertainment Inc.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Copyright Hasbro
  • This game mod for Fallout: New Vegas is purely fan-made as well as volunteer, non-profit and non-monetary. Hasbro and Bethesda are the complete and total copyright holders of their respective properties.