Novel Idea is the crazy one who started this endeavor.

A published author and poet, Novel won an honorable mention in a global writing contest as well as grand prize in a smaller one in the same year. He's won National Novel Writing Month seven years running now and has no intention of stopping anytime soon. A passionate reader, an injury at the beginning of 2015 forced him to abandon his regular writing and reading routine. He decided to rectify that though audiobooks... and decided on a whim to listen to Fallout: Equestria. The rest, as they say, is history. 

This is the first time Novel has ever run a collaboration project and is constantly amazed at the talent and success enjoyed by the Manehattan Project. A lifelong gamer, he has a somewhat obsessive attitude toward video games and tends to spend way too much time working on GoE. 

For more information about Novel's side projects including his MLP Fiction, Book Cover Designs and Reviews, head over to Novel's Nook or his FimFiction home page

I am a puzzle solver/collector.  This has generally taken the form of coding and mathematical concepts. I am looking for new challenges to conquer to perfection.  I will make sure the scripts run and run smoothly.

I often find myself figuring out new ways to break things and then quickly finding out ten more ways to fix them. I'm a jack of all trades in the GECK plus a fixxer-upper for all things broken or not yet broken.

Charitably described as "happy-go-lucky" (but more accurately as incorrigible), Tinker failed the saving throw against Novel's persuasion attempt and found himself added to the GoE Technical Team. While he has been known to write a line of code or two, this is his first foray into game scripting and is wondering what horrific crime he did in a past life for GECK to be his first game engine. He currently occupies his days with his duties here, and at Poniverse and Ponified Cards. Tink has no free time.

Trench comes to The Manehattan Project fresh into the Fallout: Equestria universe. After hearing Novel talking about it (incessantly), he decided to check out what all the fuss was about. Afterwards, he decided (only after a little bit of prodding) to join the team and contribute his impressive scripting and modeling skills to making "Gardens of Equestria" happen.

(Testing. Testing. One. Two. Thre– Wait, what…? I’m already on the air… Oh, okay.)

Silver Chord is just another writer who happened to have been dragged into the project by sheer dumb luck. He’s one of the people who is responsible for writing many of the terminal entries that will be seen throughout GoE. He’s a seasoned writer and has been writing for at least six years now, and yet he has never won a single NaNoWriMo competition ever… Yeesh.

When Silver is not writing, he’s either writing stories about ponies, pursuing his musical passion in string instruments, or playing video games. Feel free to bug this guy as much as you want. He doesn’t mind the company.

Nova, also known as on sites such as DeviantArt by the handle "Droakir", is a professional freelance illustrator and independent comic artist.

An avid fan of both the MLP and Fallout franchises, it was only natural that eventually he would discover the perfect blend of the two known as Fallout: Equestria. Now he is joining the team and lending his talents to make the rich history of the world come to life in the form of faded billboards, worn out old posters and musty book covers.

Nova spends his free time reading, drawing, writing music, tinkering with electronics, and building artificial superintelligences. 

How to even start? Scarlet Moon is an riddle wrapped in an enigma stuffed in a chimicherrychanga. Professionally, she is a special effects and motion designer, but mostly a huge geek and a super nerd. She has been a MLP and video games fanatic since a young child. After losing touch with MLP for several years, through the magic of friendship, she rekindled her love of everypony and met Novel Idea, who encouraged her to use her powers of movie magic for the good of Fallout: Equestria. 

In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, drawing, painting, watching movies, making movies, playing games, and chilling with her cats. Her ideal time is building something with her hands, whether it's a cake or a replica of Hobbiton. 

I have enjoyed the Fallout franchise since I was first introduced to Fallout 3. I can honestly say after meeting Trouble Man of The Pitt, my life was never really the same. At least until encountering Mr. House. He is truly the single greatest character in the entire Fallout franchise. I have modded a few other games such as Fallout 3, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Civilization 4 (clearly the best one). Generally converting and rigging meshes onto various skeletons. Even if they obviously weren't meant to be there.

A humble luminist who has stumbled into working on a project that blends two of his favorite things. He is working on terminal entries, and will provide nothing less than his best. He has been writing non-professionally for years, and has been involved in all manner of geekdom forever. He's always available to talk, so drop him a line!

As a fan since the S1 Hiatus (and grew into a brony at the start of S2 with the discovery of EqD), I wanted to give back to the community. I started with tweaking and adjusting my own personal collection of MLP Audiobooks, but then I started the original remaster of Fallout: Equestria by Crazed Rambling. Eventually, this was picked up by the Manehattan Project as a base for their "Manehattan Edition" of the audiobook. This led to me getting in touch with the team, first as a consultant and now on staff in charge of audio post-production.

Formerly an Executive Producer and the Technical Director of the Manehattan Project, the demands of real life forced Red Kat to take a step back from the project. We are delighted to have her back as a consultant, which generally means bothering her whenever we can't figure something out. She has also recently taken charge of our newly formed QA Team.

Hi there! I'm Sunshine. I enjoy playing games, though I don't get new games to play very often. I also write stories about ponies, participate in a pony-themed roleplaying group, and occasionally make pictures of ponies in Source Filmmaker. Funnily enough, I first discovered the Fallout series from Fallout: Equestria. And when I did, it was love at first sight. And now I'm a QA tester for GoE, putting my love of Fallout and Fo:E to a more practical use. I'm looking forward to doing my part for the Manehatten Project.

I'm a computer technician, repairing computers for an occupation as well as my friends and family. I'm into Anime and of course, My Little Pony. I've always found MLP mods fascinating, especially My Little Anthro Ponies (now I get pony followers!). It was through Smuggler's Run that I found out about GoE. I find the union of Fallout and Friendship is Magic interesting. 

Hey there, I'm BlurredTheLines, I've been on this ride since October 2012. When I first joined this fandom, I was so in awe of all this fan-created content that I wanted to give something back. I threw myself into a number of pursuits, determined to find something I was good at. You name it, I tried it; drawing, writing, voice acting, vector art, animation, and so on. Though I didn't really find anything I was good at until I tried vector art, but I did acquire some skills in the process. Since then, I'm always looking for ways I can contribute to the fandom.

Hello, this is Goat! I am an avid gamer and game supporter. I have backed many games and now I have the chance to actually help one. While I am not a huge MLP fan, I still enjoy what the community has developed. Flaming Sunrise introduced me to this game project and while I was hesitant at first, I grew to enjoy all the effort everyone and myself has put into this project.