GoE: This Coming Storm




TO: NCR Command

FROM: CIRCLE Intelligence Division

Message Begins:

The following is an extensive report on all of the major discrepancies we've been able to isolate between our primary maneframes and our archives. There are a great many minor issues, such as the renaming of common, everyday objects ("Buck" instead of "Buffout," "Mint-als" instead of "Mentats," new brands of Whiskey such as Wild Pegasus and Applejack Daniels), however these are not nearly as important as the serious changes we've seen to the area around New Pegasus. CIRCLE strongly recommends extensive recon of the entire area to see if we can isolate the cause of this discrepancies. 

We've gathered the field reports from agent Dusty Waters, currently on assignment near New Pegasus and the current CIRCLE reports relevant to The Incident.