May 252017

Hey everyone! Mercury here just letting you know that we were super excited to have seen everyone who attended our recent panel at EFNW 2017!

For anyone who missed it, our panel was on the 13th of May. The wonderful crew at EFNW have provided us with a video of the panel so that no one gets left out from the excitement!

The project staff who were present at the panel were:

Novel Idea – Project Lead & Creative Director as well as the author of the Wavelengths Timeline series
Ebon Quill – Quest Designer & Worldbuilding Writer
Red Kat – QA Team Lead & Technical Consultant

A somewhat quick rundown of what we did at the panel, for those of you who’re a bit short on time and are unable to watch the whole panel. If you’re interested in specific parts I will link the time stamps directly to the specific starting points of the various points.

  • [06:25] Gameplay demo of the prologue whilst letting the audience make a few dialogue decision choices to show off our work live!
  • [31:00] Q&A about the prologue and progress.
  • [46:25] Debut of our Calamity teaser trailer that we’ve made a separate post about here if you’re interested in watching it on its own!

We do hope everyone who made it had a wonderful time, and we’re super excited to see everyone at future events that we attend. Keep an eye out for more announcements during this summer convention season if you’re interested in seeing us live and asking us questions!

As usual, if anyone is interested in joining the team, and have a lot of enthusiasm for a story like ours and love Fallout as well as Fallout Equestria. Please feel free to sign up here to have a chance to join the team!


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  1. Is this still alive? I’ve not seen any news or anything on the nexus or here for quite a while. I sincerely hope it’s still alive, it looks so good, and I’m looking forward to playing it for real.

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