Mar 032016

Happy Thursday folks!

Not much going on today in regard to GoE, at least not much I can talk about. We’ve got a few really cool new things planned for next week or maybe the week after. But they’re surprises, so I’m not sharing! Yet!

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the YouTube version of Fallout: Equestria (The Manehattan Edition). Can you believe we’re already up to Chapter 34?

Ever since I set that alarm on my iPhone, I’ve been much better at getting those out consistently. The only time I slipped up I blame entirely on Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder.

Yeah, I became somewhat addicted to this game after trying it out with my wife. My friend got a new set back after EquestriaLA, but a friend of mine gave me a core deck way back when. I don’t even remember how long ago it was. But considering is a 1.0.3 deck and the last deck they released was 1.1.5, probably pretty old. ^^

Well, I decided to order a Fallout: Equestria pack from Boiler3 (which I highly recommend) and afterwards, went through the TSSSF’s guide on how to print my own deck, as I wanted the rest of the expansions. Printer Studio did a fantastic job on the set I ordered, including a slew of customs…and…

A finished version of the WIP “A Panel of Ponies!” Now, since this is a development blog for GoE, I’m not going to post them all here. For that, you’ll want to head over to my deviantArt page. However, I will post a couple! Specifically the ones designed from Pixelkitties’ artwork (who was quite ecstatic about the cards, I’m happy to say).

So before we get to the mane event, have some fun!


tsssf___cross_country_road_trip_ship_card_by_mlp_novelidea-d9trxrhAnd yes, I know “Banished to Another Dimension” should be about Starswirl kicking the Siren’s tails to the EqG world and “Cross-Country Road Trip” should be Applejack and Rarity on a train, but I don’t care. The pictures were too perfect not to use!

Okay. Now, let’s talk Littlepip.

Specifically. my new Littlepip!

I commissioned this gorgeous custom Funko from the one and only PrincessGryph! Now, I’ll admit there was a bit of a delay in getting her, but it doesn’t matter, because she was well worth the wait. I absolutely adore her, from the PipBuck down to the tiny version of Little Macintosh. The detail on the armored barding is pure genius.

I love the Funko series, having the entire Mane 6, Derpy and Trixie (I can’t afford to get all of them :P). Now that Littlepip has joined the cast, she’s a good reminder to keep working on GoE on rough days. 😉

She’s available for commissions, so I highly recommend her. You can even keep track of where your commission is on her Trello board! (Which is actually what we use for task management here at Manehattan). She does all sorts of crazy stuff. And if Funko doesn’t get on it sometime soon, I’m ordering a Sunset Shimmer from her!  (Come on Funko!)

Anyway, I know this post has a fair bit of fluff, but I’m also deep into the construction of the Rock Farm’s massive Manufactory (which ended up coming out better than I expected) and finalizing the Primm Basement. We’ve also wrapped on several of our voice overs and we’ve got a new scripting technique in place that will hopefully make things run smoother and faster.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. If you’re interested in seeing the rest of the “Panel of Ponies” official MLP-based comic expansion for TSSSF, you’ll want to head over to my dA. As for the rest, we’ve always got something fun planned. So we’ll see you next week!

-Novel Idea

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