Aug 132015

Good afternoon everypony!

Novel Idea here again just to do a quick status update. We’re all hard at work right now recording lines, designing levels, writing scripts and all sorts of fun game design stuff.

I do want to mention a couple cool things in development. While we’re not quite ready to reveal screenshots yet, I’m happy to announce that the “Rarity-Designed Armored Dress” will be available in-game as a special upgrade for Velvet Remedy along with an alternative for female players! Not only that, but we have a completely redesigned “Velvet’s Lab Coat” complete with Ministry of Peace saddleboxes! There will be the Velvet Remedy version along with a version for both male and female players. (A special thanks for Wolfie for his undying hard work on both of these projects!)

Both of these are custom-made items which will be transferred into “Racing Apotheosis” for Fallout 4! (Barring any technical difficulties by using a different version of the GECK.)

We’ve also crossed several internal milestones in regards to the brand-new handcrafted (Literally. Every object in here was placed by hand, including most of the landscaping) worldspace, Appleloosa Valley, a verdant remnant of the Pre-War past dominated by the massive Rock Farm R&D lab. While it’s not quite ready for reveal yet, we’re getting very close to the point where we can finally show off this area to you, perhaps in a new exploration trailer! (No ETA on that though. ^^)

We’ve all had our nose to the grindstones lately, so we haven’t had time to do any big special features to show you. Please note that we have fixed the Manehattan Recruitment Center form, so you should be able to apply again without getting lost in the system. If you applied for a position and have not heard back from us, please apply again soon!

But just like every week, we’re releasing the next three chapters of the Fallout: Equestria (The Manehattan Edition) audiobook on YouTube. You can check it right here!


Until next week, stay safe out there!

-Novel Idea

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