May 142015

Gardens of Equestria is the newest in Stable-Tec’s Interactive Post-Apocalyptic Simulations. Please enjoy our interactive dossiers on just some of what you will experience while adventuring through the story of Gardens of Equestria.

Picture: The desert city of New Pegasus. Two hundred years after the megaspells went off. A simple courier embarks on what should have been a simple delivery. But after a fateful ambush, the courier is left for dead in the wastes. When she awakens, she finds the world…changed. Almost as if another world had been imposed upon her own.

Rumors abound: strangers appearing from the depths of the desert, unexpected broadcasts from long-forgotten Stables and dark aircraft looming on the outskirts of the Mojave. It will be up to you to piece together what has happened to the world.

But you aren’t alone. Fight alongside five unique heroes as you race destroy a deadly new slaver cult, stop the annihilation of New Pegasus, uncover long-forgotten technological secrets and finally come face-to-face with the source of the mysterious reality shift.

In the end, it will up to you to decide the fate of two worlds.

Gardens of Equestria. A new interactive simulation set in the fallout of Equestria’s megaspell apocalypse.

Coming soon to a Stable-Tec Distributor near you!

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