To: NCR Command [Target Redacted]

From: Operative Dusty Water

I've gathered the information you've requested, sir. It wasn't easy and some of the sources are...unconventional at best. However, until I can get more agents out into the field to actually track these individuals down, it's the only thing we have for now. I've attached the dossiers as requested. I'll update the files as I receive further data. Thankfully, Ranger Feather managed to get some fairly decent pictures of the Subjects.

If the eggheads at CIRCLE are right, I strongly suggest observation rather than attempting to capture them. Most of them seem extremely well-equipped with weapons we've never seen before. If there is some sort of distortion in reality (I can't believe I'm saying that in an official report) then who knows what these people are capable of?

We're shooting in the dark here, sir. I have a nagging suspicion things are going to get worse before they get better.




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