Appleloosa Valley is dominated by the immense complex known only as "The Rock Farm." Spanning most of the southern and western cliffs of the Valley, the Rock Farm was the premiere location for weapons and armor R&D in the entire country, followed closely by Big MT (Though the scientists at Big MT disputed this every chance they had). A closely-guarded secret of the Ministry of Wartime Technology, the Rock Farm was home to some of the most advanced armor and weapon collaborations between the MAS and the MWT. Early testing of the Steel Ranger power armor was performed here. Many of the magical energy weapons originally conceived at Maripony and the MAS Manehattan Hub were crafted at the Farm.

Shortly before the end of the war, Princess Luna commissioned a unique series of armor and weapons based on the Ministry Mares themselves. The armor was supposed to go directly to the Mares themselves as Luna had become increasingly worried about potential assassination attempts on the Mares. The weapons, on the other hoof, were meant to go into full production as the newest and best of Equestrian weaponry.

Prototypes were completed of the HARMONY-series sets of armor, alongside a new variant of the Steel Ranger's armor nicknamed the "AJ Ranger." In addition, the DISCORD-series weapons prototypes passed final inspection and testing.

But none of them would ever see combat. The megaspells began to fall even as the new technology was being packed into shipping containers.

Even though Appleloosa Valley and Las Pegasus were spared the megaspell bombardment, those in the upper levels of the Rock Farm who escaped to Stable 16 don't know what happened to anyone in the intricate labyrinth of labs, power systems and computer maneframes descending miles into the earth below. 

Those who have foolishly approached the massive structure speak of a host of a deadly network of turrets, sentry bots and other defenses among the bones. But what's most disturbing is the reports they've given of oddly moving silent Steel Rangers and something similar to armored Shadowbolts wandering around the intact Rock Farm.

Anyone brave--or foolish--enough to break through the Rock Farm's defenses would almost certainly find a treasure trove of some of the most advanced technology ever created.

The only question is if they would survive long enough to escape. 

Because inside the depths of the Rock Farm...the war is far from over.