Welcome to The Manehattan Project's QA Application Center! If you're looking for a position on our Creative, Development, Vocal or Audio Team, head on over to our mane Recruitment Center.

Thank you for taking an interest in making Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm the best possible game it can be. Quality Assurance is a critical part of the game development process, just as important as scripting, level design or art. Without good QA, players won't be able to enjoy the game! We've all seen bugs, both big and small that have detracted from our experience, from mobile apps to Triple-A titles such as Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto or World of Warcraft.

First of all, please know that QA is not simply sitting down and playing the game all day. It's a great deal more than that. You are also not joining the team as a "temp" or some sort of second-class member. You'll be a full member of the Manehattan Project team.

Current QA Phase: - DARING DO - Environmental exploration and QA for interior cells and exterior worldspaces. Weapons & armor balance testing. 


  • Testing, tuning and debugging GoE and suggesting refinements that ensure its quality and playability.
  • Assuring quality in GoE and finding all its flaws before it goes public.
  • Report on the design experience and test results.

System Requirements:

  • A legitimate copy of Fallout: New Vegas and the Old World Blues DLC.
  • An installation of New Vegas that has no mods of any kind. (We can help you do this)
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
  • Fallout Mod Manager

Position Requirements:

  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills, including accurate and timely reporting.
  • Excellent organization and time management skills.
  • Excellent puzzle solving skills.
  • Agreeing to a non-disclosure agreement to not share anything you work on as part of the Manehattan Project.


  • Knowledge of Fallout: Equestria lore and universe. (Kkat's novel is considered the only canon for GoE)
  • Knowledge of Fallout lore and universe, specifically Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Previous experience in technical support, quality assurance or technical writing.
  • You have not played Smuggler's Run.

Please note that this is a fully volunteer position and there will be no monetary compensation of any kind provided. The Manehattan Project is a completely non-profit and non-monetary organization who does not accept donations.

All applicants to the QA Team will undergo the "Smuggler's Run Test," in which they are required to perform a full quality assurance pass of a special QA version of our preview mod Smuggler's Run. This will include visual environment inspection, asset verification, mechanic testing and more. If you haven't played Smuggler's Run yet, do not play it until you get this particular version.

We look forward to your application!

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