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How Did You Find Out About GoE?
(01-07-2016, 03:40 PM)WhitewolfStormrunner Wrote:
I actually found out about it via a thread in the Fallout: Equestria Group over on ( here ), of which I am a member.

I vaguely remember the original GoE site and forums, so I thought that it's be fun to check this one out, and get back in the swing of things with the events and members in this new, updated one.

I hope to have much fun here with all of you!

Yeah, I'm much happier with this site. It's a big difference between having a private hosted site and using the basic Wordpress one. Though we didn't have forums back then. Forums launched with 2.0 (which is this version). 

Well, we're delighted to have you here. This year we're going to be doing a lot more with the forums, so hopefully they'll be a LOT more activity!
Novel Idea - Founder of the Manehattan Project
Project Lead & Creative Director
I found out about this project from Droakir. I heard that you needed a scripter and the rest is still to be told.
I check this board frequently.  Feel free to send me messages and/or post on any of my threads or other threads for that matter.  I do check everything that gets posted here.
I found it through Fallout Equestria reddit a very long time ago. Not much more to say.
Actually I completly stumbled upon it one day in the nexus and had to conduct more research on the mod and then I found this website eagerly awaiting the release of "This Coming Storm"
I found it searching for fallout 4 pony mods to see what had been done so far.
I found out about you when Smuggler's run was launch.
I was just beginning to mod my NV so a post on Equestria Daily caught my eye. I came to see what it was, and I don't regret it. ^^

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