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GoE: Smuggler's Run
Mod Name: Gardens of Equestria: Smuggler's Run

Mod Author: The Manehattan Project

Story: Last night, there were sounds of explosions and minigun fire in the hills to the northwest of Goodsprings. Residents of the quiet town reported seeing something like a Steel Ranger slowly plodding through the foothills to the south. None of them have dared to investigate...but something definitely happened. 

Discover the truth in the hills of Goodsprings and uncover the beginnings of something much greater in this special preview of the upcoming story-driven experience “Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm!”

For more details on the upcoming Gardens of Equestria story-driven experience and the Manehattan Project, including our plans for Fallout 4, please visit our main page. 

Current Version: 2.0.1

Download Link: Nexus -
Novel Idea - Founder of the Manehattan Project
Project Lead & Creative Director
I heard a rumor that this is a fairly good mod.

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