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Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm Features

Story-Driven Experience!

For the first time, you won’t simply be watching or listening to a Stable-Tec program, you’ll be experiencing it. Loosely based on the extremely popular novel “The Book of Littlepip,” you'll journey to a strange new world that's been merged with the wastelands of Equestria. Your mission is none other than finding the cause of these changes and putting a stop to them before both worlds are destroyed within a terrible dimensional rift!

New Areas To Explore!

From pre-war Stables to experimental Ministry of Wartime Technology bases to the edge of reality itself, you’ll battle across seven new zones and over 80 new levels. A whole new open-world environment awaits you in Appleloosa Valley! You’ve never experienced the Wasteland like this before!

New Characters!

The ideals of friendship are back in Equestria! As you journey through the Wasteland, you’ll meet new friends and new foes. Some friends will join your quest to uncover the sinister plots unfolding in the shadows of the deserts of New Pegasus. Four new companion characters will become available over the course of your adventures, each with their own unique voice actors, abilities, weapon skills, perks and story arcs. You’ll be joined by deadeye snipers, stealth infiltrators, gifted medics and heavy ordinance experts!

New Foes!

The Equestrian Southwest is not for the feint of heart. Beyond the conflicts already raging around New Pegasus, new factions and forces have raised their heads like a hydra erupting from the swamps. A new group of highly-organized slavers has risen in forgotten mining towns and old Ministry complexes. Dangerous creatures roam on the outskirts of what little civilization exists beyond Las Pegasus. Whispers of the terrifying forces of the Enclave returning fill saloons during the hour of the wolf. And more!

New Weapons and Equipment!

Try out some of The Manehattan Project’s newest theoretical weapon designs!* Everything from enchanted zebra carbines to powerful magical energy rifles, you’ll be well equipped to handle whatever the wasteland throws at you! You’ll even get the chance to wear unique armor sets designed after the Ministry Mares themselves! *Weapons and armor are fictional constructs of The Manehattan Project and have no relation to any ongoing research and development by any of the Ministries.

New Housing!

While the Equestrian wasteland is a dangerous place, any true hero or heroine needs a place to hang their hat. In Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm, you’ll find a new home on the range in a long-forgotten Stable with a very familiar steward. Not only will you have your own private quarters, but there will be enough room for your companions as well! You’ll even find a second home in the form of a military bunker with unique perks depending on the decisions you’ve made in the story!

New Music!

The Wasteland can be a lonely place, but there’s nothing like some good music to help soothe the soul of a Wasteland Wanderer. Fight to free none other than DJ-PON3 himself and be rewarded with a unique radio station for your PipBuck! Hosting some of the very best in both Pre-War and Post-War Equestrian Music, it’s a sure-fire way to beat back the blues while struggling in the desolate wasteland of a post-war Equestria. You’ll hear everything from the high-intensity dance beats of Vinyl Scratch to the smooth orchestral creations of Octavia and everything in between!

My Little Ponies!

All of us know of the unique “Ministry Mare Statuettes” given as gifts to the Mares and their families and friends. With the permission of the Ministry Mares themselves, Gardens of Equestria will give you a chance to collect a set of your very own! But finding them across the expanse of the Equestrian Wasteland will be no small feat! After all, you aren't the only one who has an eye for prized collectable magical artifacts...

And Plenty More!

Much more is in store for you as you journey through the story of “Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm,” but we can’t tell you everything. The only way to find everything the Equestrian Wasteland has to offer is to journey there yourself. Stay tuned for details!

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